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Before going head long into a speaking and writing career, Rachel (Zamek) Cornell challenged the odds by becoming the first legally blind visual artist to receive a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Michigan. After graduation, she enjoyed a prolific career as a professional mixed media artist. Cornell has shown her work throughout the United States, as well as participated in such prestigious shows as the International Assemblage Artist Exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

Rachel captivates her audiences with her spirited, boldly honest conversations about the distinction between being disabled and being a person with a disability. Cornell argues, and argues passionately, that it is not a disability that will cripple and limit your life. It is how you think that creates limitations and insurmountable barriers.

Cornell wants everyone to learn to live a barrier free life, and she is relentless in her mission.


6 responses to “About

  1. Matthew married up, Rachie.


  2. Good to see you last week. Hope Matthew’s show went well in Winter Park. I really like the blog; can’t wait to see it feature some of your art. Keep up the writing, I think it’s terrific.


  3. suheezbrainwaves

    I jus bumped into u’r blog randomly!!!Good work and effort!!Appreciations and keep up the good work!!!

    All the best Rachel!

  4. I like your theme: each of us have used coping skills because we did not have other more appropriate tools at our disposal. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this.

  5. Great to see you are still writing and so actively engaged in pursuing LIFE and all of its permutations of gift and form!

    Blessings, Rachel

  6. Great to see you’re following your dreams!!! Keep me posted.

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