After Shock

3 things to think about and expect to experience after a major life shake- up.

1) When you are handed an unexpected blow, a challenge you are forced to face, you need to also know that your live has forever changed.  

2) Accepting these changes are likely to be painful.  You almost certainly will need to grieve.   

3) If we you ask a bit of your shattered selves, ask that you have awareness. Keep a soft eye open for a specialness so tender in the aftermath of a trauma that it may awe you to our core.  Strangely, this little, tiny sprig of hope is often best seen in the darkest hour.   

I will be addressing these three points in the days to come.  I’m a slow poster as you know, but most of the following posts have been stewing for a while so expect them in quick succession.




One response to “After Shock

  1. marketingforlawyers

    oooohhhh – I am so looking forward to the rest of the posts in this series. I think you are so right! So I think you are saying that we have to allow life to shatter us in order to grow, for that new growth to come forth…so that means that being shattered is not to be feared (not really to be welcomed either) but accepted with an open heart.

    I lost everything (family, friends, career, savings, health) in my life about 7 years ago, and that small “specialness so tender” for me was a desire to love more, to stop being alone. I’m now married, stepmother to 4, writing a book, only by following that faint whiff of softness and newness.

    You speak a hopeful truth…

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