A Life of “Defining Moments”


 When I posted the poll below, I had not yet learned that my dear friend Karen had had a stroke.

Karen lives with a life threatening blood clotting disorder.   That’s her in the picture, a blond brit with an amazing story to share. 

RIght now she’s working on getting her body stable enough to learn to walk once

again after this most recent stroke.  Prayers are welcome. Pity is not necessary!

Karen considers these moments in life when “everything changes in a blink of an eye as defining moments” 


Thank you to two wonderful people who helped me get this picture off of my old cell phone and onto my computer!  Thank you to  Danny the nicest “geek” there has ever been.  Also thank you to Kevin, someone I didn’t even know when he stepped up to help me out – I think his actions speak volumes about his character! Thanks to you both!

I’m writing about the poll over the weekend. Have you taken it yet?  The new post should be ready for publishing by Monday.


3 responses to “A Life of “Defining Moments”

  1. This picture shows Karen’s radiance and warmth; she is one of the sunniest people you will ever meet. Hope and prayers that her body is ready to take her to that Tina Turner concert she wants to attend later this month.

  2. I really like the idea of defining moments. In reality, all of our moments are like this – we are never the same person (mentally or physically) from one second to the next. The big ones like what your friend experienced (sadly, in this case) are a test. How we behave during one of these is telling. My goal is to handle them with grace. I’ve been pretty comfortable so far, though…

  3. I will pray for Karen.

    I will admire Karen while I am thinking of her.

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