McCain Can’t Send an Email??

I just wrote an email to Glenn Beck after seeing him and a panel of guests making up excuses for why McCain can’t write and send emails, here it is….
Mr Beck,
McCain can’t send emails?  Come on.  I have to disagree this you and your panel on this one.  He can and would send emails if he wanted to.  There’s plenty of adaptive technology for anyone who has any kind of print disabilities to send an email.
I worked with a man over 15 years ago, 15 years… with quadriplegia. He used a computer to write and SEND emails using his voice only. McCain’s VOICE works doesn’t it?
I think your excuse for him is shameful.  A friend with Cerebral Palsy whose muscular spasms makes scratching his nose an effort, sends me emails, instant and text messages. 
Obama’s ad says that McCain is out of touch. You disagree.  With all the technology that is available to us now there’s no reason or excuse for McCain not to be able to write and send an email himself.   
His “limitations” have nothing to do with his disabilities.
Written and sent by legally blind,
Rachel Z. Cornell

8 responses to “McCain Can’t Send an Email??

  1. Good for you! Nothing like having someone who has overcome disabilities point out the flaw in their gaulty “logic” or lack thereof.

    I need to find out more about what in the world they were thinking there. Absolutely, any person can send email, if they actually want to.

  2. The question is: Why must he send emails?
    Who deceided that sending emails was a necessary qualification for being president? How silly does this campaign have to get before someone says, “Stop!”?

  3. Gary,
    He does not have to send emails. I don’t care if he sends a stinkin’ email. What I care about is that he claims his war injuries prevent him from sending them. That’s the piece I care about, that’s the piece that’s a whole pile of horse crap. All I’m saying is, if he wanted to send a bloody email he could and his excuse is just that, an excuse. Say, “I don’t want to”…Man up!

  4. Wow, Rachel, way to puncture a hot air balloon like Beck!

    Also, as you say, the point is not the e-mail sending, really, but the prevarication on this minor thing, and the broad, general dishonesty in the whole McCain/McPain campaign.

    The hard part is getting those people who are blinkered about him due to his “hero” status and past pseudo-sort-of maverick hooey to realize they are pulling the wool over their own eyes.

  5. Rachel, very well put.

    You are a perfect example of getting the most of life regardless of your disability. We miss you in step class. I hope your ankle gets better.

    Signed: your “seeing-eye” stepper

  6. Hi Penny!

    Thanks for that complement.

    I’m healing really well! Did leg presses yesterday for the first time with positive results!

    Missing my seeing-eye stepper buddy!

  7. Being a strong Republican, I am deeply disappointed in Mr McCain who looks increasingly old not only in age but also in his outdated views and totally detached from reality. What a terrible week and night it has been for conservatives. My family and I, all 12 of us, will NOT be voting for him. He ‘s lost us well and proper.

  8. Bravo, Rachel! Good for you for uncovering such flaws in the argument. I applaud you.

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