Good Question

On Jonathan Fields blog today he asked a good question. He asked “What Do You Want To Be Known For?”  I thought about it.  I want to be known for being a loving part of the lives of family and loved ones, of course.  I also want to be known as someone who’s skilled and generious with helping others to help themselves to change their lives for the better. 

What I really want is my message to be known.  That’s what I wrote on Jonathan’s blog.  Here’s the rest of what I wrote.

I want my message to be known.

As a person who has been sight impaired all my life and legally blind since about age 30 I’ve learned some important things. I’ve learned that there is a distinction between being disabled and being a person with a disability.

It is not a disability that will cripple and limit our lives. It is how we THINK that creates limitations and insurmountable barriers.

I want EVERYONE to learn how to live a limit free life.

I want my message to be known for changing the way we THINK about disabilities and our idea of what we THINK we can and can not achieve

Go check out Jonathan’s blog and keep the conversation going.  What do you want to be known for?


One response to “Good Question

  1. Great summary of your message and I can’t wait to read your book.

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