July 23rd – ?

Hello from the road.  We have been on a crazy road trip since July 23rd.  We’ve gone from Orlando FL, all the way to upstate NY.  Along for the ride is Sammy our 12 year old hound who…does not love taking rides.  Want to know way to0 much about our trip, then click here.

It’s really been a great trip even with Sammy’s bitching.  We are do home Sunday or maybe Monday.  No clean cloths left so we thought it was time to get home.


The trip was for my painter husband to gather more source images for his work.  We saw so much beauty I think he will have material for years to come. 

We got an unintended education on this trip. It happened like this; When hotel/motel clerks see me they go and put us up in handicapped rooms.  Rooms that are designed mostly for wheelchair users, but whatever.  What surprised us is how often they we so poorly thought through. 

A motel we stayed at, a gross place really, had an AC unit so high up on the wall, I couldn’t even reach it, how are most chair users suppose to make that scank room at least a pleasant temperature?

Another room had the easy-in shower stall but the water controls were placed in an inaccessible location.  Think people, what’s so hard?   All the rooms had a lip at the door entrance that may or may not have been an issue.

I wonder how wide spread a problem this is.  Are many places not as accessible as they claim?


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