Barbara Sher on Scanners

If you’re like me and people think you’re into “everything” and can’t seem to settle on “any one thing” you need to hear this program and feel brilliant for a change!


Barbara Sher talks about people who are interested in so many things
everyone thinks they’re dilettantes, lightweights & loafers. She thinks
they’re gifted grownups.

I feel like I have found my “people” when Barbara explains what “Scanners” are.  I don’t feel like a loser for being interested in so many things.  When she explains things, I see that I’m actually pretty cool to have such a lovely and curious mind. 

Learn more about being being Scanner and her Scanner retreat in Italy coming up at the end of September.  Just click HERE

Happy Scanning!!!!!


One response to “Barbara Sher on Scanners

  1. Rachel, Good post with the Sher interview. It put into perspective some of my insecurities about focus (or lack of). I posted a link in my blog to the one or two people who may see it. Thanks again.

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