Bear Naked Form

An edited life has become unexeptable for me.  What do I mean by an edited life?  It’s a life in which I alter what I want to do because of fear.  Fear has many faces and manifests itself in as many ways as there are people on this earth.

Don’t be fooled, small, seemingly unimportant edits can end up being a big fat road block on the path to ones best life.   One seemly binine edit almost derailed the one thing I want to do more than just about anything, write this book. 

You see, I can’t spell.  It’s more than just a few words now and again.  I just don’t see the miss spellings.  It gets worst the faster I write, the more tired or distracted I am, and when  I’m taking notes from something I’m listening to.  It’s so bad sometimes that I can’t even understand what I wrote!

I’ve forever edited myself.  Not sending little informal notes to friends, not doing applications or servays on site, all kinds of big and small ways that I avoided writing for fear my poor spelling would be exposed. 

Getting anything out with correct spelling is tedious and always requires someone else to look over my words.  Even with spell check I will still not catch all of my mistakes. 

So as much as I love the written language, as much as I have always wanted to be a writer, I knew that with my “problem” it would just never happen.  People who can not spell are stupid.  If someone reads something that has spelling errors, they will see the errors, not the words, not the message, that’s what I figured.  

The argument that that’s what spell check and editors are for is a fine argument, however, I need to get an editor to see past the countless errors to get at the content.  I figure I would never be able to kick the door open that far.

Trying to hide this “issue” my whole life has been exhausting.  So I’m here to say… I CAN NOT SPELL!  I CAN write and that’s what’s really important.   

I will figure it out.  I will find a way to get my book combed over again and again, so that all the words are spelled right so the message is not lost in individual words.  I know spelling is important, my friend Dianne put it to me this way “a miss spelled word is like a black dot on a white wall, I can’t help but see it.”  because I want you to see the whole wall and not focus on the black dots, I do work hard to clean up my spelling (most of the time).

I do think I will have a page like this one in my book though.  I will expose my faulty spelling gene in all it’s phinetic glory.  I will show readers what my spelling really looks like in it’s bear naked form.  This will be as strong an illistration as any to prove that an “issue” need not stop you from making a dream come true! 

So if you are reading this and you are not doing something you really want to do, if you are editing your life for fear of being exposed, knock it off.  Show off your whole self in all its messiness.  Come as you are and we’ll figure out what you’ll need to do to make a dream come true. 




13 responses to “Bear Naked Form

  1. Rachel, write on!

  2. Rachel,
    I tend to notice spelling ‘variations,’ but they don’t really detract from the wonderful messages you send. I love how you write from the heart with such depth of meaning.

    My husband Lynn has always had trouble with spelling to the point that he absolutely hates to write anything, even a note that he is going to the store. To be honest, I never really understood it, so I appreciate hearing about the issue from your perspective.

    When you have written the chapter in your book with this topic, I can’t wait to show it to Lynn so he can relate to you. You go, Girl! We all need your insights and incites. 😉


  3. Rachel,

    This is exquisite — so thoughtful and universal. Can’t imagine anyone reading it who couldn’t relate to and benefit from what you’re saying. So glad you’re not letting your spelling and my “anal” character trait get in the way of your writing. You are so gifted in that what you say has such broad application on the one hand but is so specific and personal on the other that its elegant clarity cannot be missed.

  4. Rachel – As the 1979 Nelson County Kentucky Spelling Bee Champion,(Ha, ha) I must confess I notice a spelling error from time to time. I just figured it came from typing too fast. I use spellcheck on all my WORD documents and errors still get through. For example, you can say no weigh Jose or I need to watch what I eat to keep my wait down and spellcheck is useless. Don’t worry about it, just keep doing what you’re doing.

  5. You smell pretty nice to me.

  6. Thanks to everyone who have left comments. Beth I sure understand where Lynn is coming from, I have been known to fold over my shopping list so it can not be seen by anyone else. And Nick, Dianne and Jean, all very fine spellers you’re thoughts and kind words are warming.

    Dianne, if I’m not going to beat myself up for spelling poorly, you can’t do it for being a wonderful speller.

    Come on now, good spelling does not mean you have an “anal” character trait, it means you’re someone to call on you to help me edit my book!!! 🙂

  7. Oh and thank you, Bilbo.

  8. Rachel,
    What a great post. It sure had an impact on me. I’m probably one of the worst editors of life, especially when it comes to writing. I used to be the editor of a couple of throw aways, so I’m especially OCD about writing/spelling. But I can see how that mentality would seep into so many areas of life. I’m trying to get over a lot of deep-seated fears, too, one step at a tyme.

  9. Bad Spellers Unite!
    Bet there are more of us than there are of them!
    We cant let a silly thing like this hold us back!
    Woo Hoo! Unite! :<)
    card carrying member of B.S.A
    (Bad Spellers of America)

  10. Rachel,

    There is no way you could have said this without spelling it out like you did. This is a beautiful and moving passage. It makes me think about how often I choke off things because I don’t do them right. And you are right – you really can write!! I need to be visiting your blog more often.


  11. Thanks to everyone again for the comments on this post. Proof positive that showing up, zits and all is much better than thinking you’ll just wait till your skin clears. In my case, I would still be waiting.

  12. You know, I’ve noticed you also have a gift for coming up with new words. I think both come from your creative spelling. So maybe you just can’t have one without the other….maybe your mind is so creative that it needs to knock down the spelling boundaries so that the Rachel-isms can get out.

  13. Hey, I do book editing for people all over the place, and I only charge a buck a page! If anyone needs a book editor with an “anal” approach to spelling and commas, drop me an email at

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