I remain committed to try everything web so I’m going to be a twit….I mean twitter.  I mean I’m going to give twitter a try during our road trip to Chicago.  We hit the road around 4:30 (EDT) today.

I guess I should say what twitter is.  Near as I can tell, it’s like an itsy-bitsy blog, that you update  a lot with little short posts of under a 100 characters. 

My twitter name is: dreaminaction at

It’s easy to get a free twitter account, and follow someone.  If you want to “follow” us down the road type “dreaminaction” in the search field once you have gotten your account.  Then, someplace near my twitter name is the word follow. 

Click that and you can follow our every fill-up and potty break, wooohooo. 

I thought this would be an opportunity to take my b-day gift for a test drive… My new Verizon anyplace Internet access!  It also seemed like a good time to see if twitter is a good tool for anything I want to be doing.


Follow me…..



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