While we’re enjoying trees as a rich metaphor for our lives, I thought I would toss in this bit of trivia.

Methuselah, is a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, and the oldest known non-clonal living organisms still alive, at around age 4,839 years.  Bristlecone pines grow in isolated groves at and just below the tree line, on dry, cold, windswept mountaintop. 

(Info. paraphrased and ripped-off from a number of online resources) 


5 responses to “Methuselah

  1. That’s a butt-ugly tree.

  2. appose says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. 5/30/08:

    You are far from a Methusela, but you are a year older today.

    Happy birthday,

    Love, Dad

  4. booooooooooo

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