Do We Need Adversity to Grow / Part II

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N wrote: If we think about it…..things like 9/11…… a nation….we came together….showed our unity….strength… our worst times…..isn’t it then that we reach for God…….eachother ? So I think the answer is probably yes…..and I can’t even imagine how many stories are out there describing accidents…losses….diseases etc, that brought out hidden strengths…..i.e. love….compassion…..mostly courage……courage that would otherwise never been exposed. So yes, I think…….Peace and love…..N


R: I think you’re right N, we truly see the best (and yes, sometimes the worst) in people during times of natural and human disasters.


We didn’t sign-up to have to be courageous or whatever but some of the crummiest situations sure can bring out the brilliance in us.


L wrote: Oooooooooooh! interesting question! I think we probably do need adversity, but I also think it is something that naturally occurring and something that is more a part of the entire progressive process rather than something we can divorce from it. I think it’s just a part of the evolutionary processs. I also think that artificial adversity (caused by man) is something that is against nature, but is not a part of the process and only harms progression. In other words, murder isn’t a part of the process of progression since it is enacted against nature and artificially, but the grieving process that comes from it is natural. Does that make sense?


R: Love the philosophical look at the topic L. I so enjoy a good think! I know what you’re saying about “artificial adversity” but I’m not sure I agree. Seems like sometimes these “artificial” situations are also a part of the evolutionary process. Perhaps the evolution of a persons spirit, even, perhaps the spirit of the murderer. At first blush it might sound crazy.


I am not saying that killing someone is a good choice to have made. I’m saying, what if the person who did the act then becomes the same individual who helps stop future crimes from happening? The person has evolved in such a way that they have been changed in a favorable way. Makes me think of the song Amazing Grace.


Perhaps then, it is a part of nature, at least the nature of humans.  The nature to change. 


I’ll add a couple more from the comments on disaboom tomorrow.  I would love to hear what you have to say on this topic, “do we need adversity to grow?”



4 responses to “Do We Need Adversity to Grow / Part II

  1. Rachel,
    What an amazing discussion. I loved the part about the trees in the Biosphere. We saw that when we were out in Arizona a few years ago.

    Anyway, it seems that if someone never has any hardships or adversity in their lives, they’d have to get awfully bored. In addition if/when something bad happened to them, they’d have no resilience to draw from.

    So I think we do benefit from having an imperfect life. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.

  2. Thinking about a science experiment a teacher did with hatching eggs. In one group of eggs the chicks had a hard time getting out and the children helped them by pulling away pieces of the shell. In the other, they let the chicks fight their way out. The first group died in a few days. The second lived, because fighting their way out of the shell got their lungs to work.

    And that made me realize that although those chicks might have called the hardness of the shells adversity, it wasn’t really. It was just the way things worked.

    And I think it tells a lot about one’s necessarily self-centered way of seeing things that we call difficulties ‘adversity.’ I mean, the trees might have called the wind adversity, too.

    Maybe we all need something to push against if we’re to grow smart and strong (and kind).

  3. That’s a great point about helping the chicks open their shells. That makes me think about going thru physical therapy. I finally got back into better physical shape by using weights & resistance training.

    There might have been a less intense (and less painful) way to do it, but working hard on it every day finally led to excellent results.

    Now if I can just keep on doing some exercises to get the rest of my tired old body into better shape. 😉

  4. I saw that post on Disaboom. Great discussion it provoked! I do think we all need adversity… but that sure doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. We all have our levels at which something is just too much, or just too easy.

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