Next Teleconference May 10th

Next Teleconference


Just a reminder, my next teleconference is:

May 10th

3:00 – 4:00 PM EDT

There are a few “seats” left for Saturday’s call. If you’re interested in participating, fill out the form on the contact page by 9:00 PM EDT this Friday May 9th.

Once I get your email I’ll send you the phone number and access code you’ll need to join in the conversation.  After you have done this once, you’ll automatically be informed of all future calls.

There is no charge for the teleconference, except what your long distance carrier charges for a call.

The Call

The conference call is set up in an informal question and answer format. 

During Saturday’s conversation we’ll be asking the question “what do we need to grow to your fullest potential”?

Could it be that we NEED experiences, even, maybe, a bit of adversity, to grow to our fullest?  It proved to be true for the trees in Biosphere II after all.  If you don’t recall, Biosphere II was the multi-million-dollar project of a  totally enclosed ecosystem.  What happened was the trees in the simulated rain forest grew to a pretty good height and then became top heavy and fell over.  What Scientists later figured out is the trees needed wind.  They need the resistance of the wind to help strengthen their trunks.  Without wind, they were weak, and they fell. 

What do we need?  


One response to “Next Teleconference May 10th

  1. Rachel, I think you’re onto something. We are a lot like those trees.

    Until there’s something to bounce back from, we have no idea of the strength within us. Once we discover it, we become different, more powerful, more effective people.

    A few people manage to set their own great challenges, but most of us choose timid goals until life forces us to tackle a huge one and discover what we’re made of.

    For those not lucky enough to face a physical challenge like yours, how do you recommend they figure out how big a challenge to take on voluntarily?

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