Simple Question/ Part Three

Great responses both here and on my email.  Just in case someones still interested in doing the first two parts, I’ll not spoil part three.  If you’re ready to see part three, click on comments.

Thanks for playing along.



9 responses to “Simple Question/ Part Three

  1. Part Three:
    So for the last part what you want to do is take what your wrote from part two and re-word it, because what you really have done is discribe yourself. Here’s what I mean:

    Here’s some of what I wrote about the color yellow:

    ….Yellow is
    I’m also thinking of Italian majolica
    That yellow has a
    practical sophistication about it

    Here’s my re-write:
    …I am
    sassy, and
    I’m also like Italian majolica
    I have a practical sophistication about me.

    See what you come up with.

    If you wish you would have written your part two another way, no biggy. The great thing is you can actually do part two again, even knowing the outcome! You can even try it with another color you love. Just keep your mind on the color when you do the writing. What is it about the COLOR that you love…

  2. I am warm.
    I love the outdoors, blending indoors and outdoors.
    My senses are open and attentive, I welcome things that stimulat the senses through beauty, touch, smell, sound, I like being in and creating environments that are pleasing to the senses.
    I like to feel secure and welcome, at home, and I like to enable others to feel the same.
    I like sensual comfort and stimulation.
    I love nature and love to live close to it.
    I like to have a secure home base from which to explore the outside world.
    I like a consistency between the two, a nourishing back and forth rhythm.
    I am happy and optimistic.
    I build my world from all of this.

  3. Blue: Soothing, cool, regal, peaceful, relates to honesty and dependability
    Some say I “look good in blue” (that should be enough for my ego.) Add that to the forgoing and I don’t have much more to say.

  4. Chucky,
    You’re soothing and cool.
    You are regal, peaceful and we
    relate both honesty and dependability
    to you.
    And you do look good in blue!

  5. Love it Susan!!

  6. Ummm….I am so NOT rich and velvety and shimmering and fanciful and luxurious. I think I have described the OPPOSITE of me! I am practical to the bone even though I sometimes do wear purple.

  7. I don’t know Em, maybe there’s a rich, velvety, shimmering, fanciful and luxurious person just itchin’ to come out.

    Maybe…it’s a practical purple?

    Maybe it’s practical to be rich and velvety ect.

    You do look pretty in purple!

  8. (Sage Green: Restful, soft, herbal, organic, peaceful, soothing.
    The color of my favorite brewed tea in a white cup with a little honey.)
    Well, I know its what I aspire to be or feel. I believe I already have these qualities within me, under this frantic, busy exterior. I just have to sit and be still enough to let them rise to the surface… or drink more sage tea with honey… ;<)

  9. Original Part 2:
    Green is all the colors of spring,
    from the deep green of grass after the spring rains,
    to the delicate tentative greens of new leaves emerging,
    to the variegated leaves of the hosta plants just peeking out of the ground,
    sage greens, blue greens, turquoise greens
    all make me feel peaceful and hopeful.

    Hmmm, maybe like the grass & leaves I am beginning to emerge as a writer. I do feel peaceful & hopeful when my writing is going well. And maybe a bit green around the gills when it is not! lol

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