Simple Question / Part Two

The next thing you want to do is to write a list of mostly adjectives to describe what you love about your favorite color(s).


Have fun with this!  Most likely you already have an idea where I’m going with this.  I think you will enjoy the ride anyway. 


Having your color in front of you while writing your the list can be helpful.  If you can’t look at it,  just keep thinking about your color between discriptive words. 

I’ve posted my list on comments and invite you to do the same.


 Thursday will have the last part, Part Three posted


7 responses to “Simple Question / Part Two

  1. When I’m thinking of yellow, it’s not the Easter Peeper, out of the tube yellow I’m seeing. It’s more all the varying tones of the color.

    Yellow can be
    Flirty and
    soft and buttery and
    renewing like spring
    with bursting determination
    and enthusiasm
    It’s hopeful in that way

    It’s feminine
    a creamy yellow is relaxing
    pale kitchen yellow is homey and
    sweet like warm honey
    an airy space of light
    peacefully confident that’s yellow
    it’s fresh
    and sensuous
    yellow is warm too
    warmer still like the
    center of a flame
    It’s also
    light hearted
    I’m also thinking of Italian majolica
    That yellow has a
    practical sophistication about it
    weighty but light somehow
    Yellow is just a friendly
    inviting color to me right now.

  2. Blue: Soothing, cool, regal, peaceful, relates to honesty and dependability

  3. Sage Green: Restful, soft, herbal, organic, peaceful, soothing.
    The color of my favorite brewed tea in a white cup with a little honey.

  4. Penny Jacobs

    Blue is peaceful, soothing and it is the color of blue jeans which reminds me of my exciting youth in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

    Pink is pretty, perky, feminine, fun.

  5. Green is all the colors of spring,
    from the deep green of grass after the spring rains,
    to the delicate tentative greens of new leaves emerging,
    to the variegated leaves of the hosta plants just peeking out of the ground,
    sage greens, blue greens, turquoise greens
    all make me feel peaceful and hopeful.

  6. Reds and corals are warm colors. They evoke the warmth of the sun when on walls, and they open up the senses. Warm walls make you feel enclosed and welcomed…and also make you want to reach out and welcome in the sun. They evoke the senses…eating good food, feeling the sun on your back, feeling warm and cozy with those you love. Warm colors worship the elements and bring you closer to them and them to you. They tie you securely to home and ground you for your explorations outside of home in the world. They are happy and optimistic colors; you can build a world in warm corals, which combine vibrant red and sustaining yellow.

  7. Purple: rich, velvety, shimmering, luxurious, bold, fanciful, vibrant.

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