Electric Chairs

Electric Chairs are used to kill criminals in Texas

 Chairs often used by people with mobility issues are called motorized or power chairs.



2 responses to “Electric Chairs

  1. WOW! Now that makes a powerful image of an electric chair vs a mobility chair. Great job, Rachel!


  2. Thanks to an a-hole in the White House for 8 years, the whole country hates my home state and believes the worst rumors/stereotypes about it.

    For Example: When a Texas politician introduced a bill trying to prevent the few convicted multiple-murders who had been sentenced to death (rather than life in prison) from avoiding the needle by getting themselves labeled “mentally retarded”, a rumor started circulating that “Texas is trying to make it legal to execute retarded people”.

    The bill didn’t pass. That was over a decade ago. The rumor persists and has since morphed into “Texas puts retarded people to death by electric chair just for fun”.

    I am not trying to defend the death penalty or even Texas politics, I’m just trying to clear up misconceptions and curb Stereotyping wherever it may be.

    Texas stopped using the Electric Chair almost a half century ago. John Kennedy and Dr. King were still alive the last time a Texan was fried.

    Contrary to popular belief, Texas had one of the shortest histories of using the chair (39 years), and has had a back-and-forth attitude toward the Death Penalty in general.

    In fact, no one in Texas was put to death between the shooting of Kennedy and the shooting of Reagan.

    In 1982, lethal injection was legalized in Texas, bringing the ultimate punishment back after almost two decades. It barely passed and has been a splinter issue (along with Gay Marriage and Abortion) in every election ever since.

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