Commenting on a Blog

I have been getting a lot of great emails, with valuable ideas and thoughts about the book.  I want to point you to an alternative means of communicating with me.  Commenting on my blog directly.  The benefits of doing this is that your comments very often stimulate thoughts and ideas in others.  As this project progress and becomes clearer, your comments will become more and more valuable to me!

If you’re not familiar with commenting on a blog, here’s how to go about it.

* Look to the top of this post where it reads “Commenting on a Blog”  under the topic heading is the date and “No Comments” (or 1 or 2 Comments if someone has made one). 

* Click on the  “Comments” and there will be an area for you to post your thoughts.

* However you go about talking with me, keep it up, I truly appreciate and value your input.




2 responses to “Commenting on a Blog

  1. Rachel,
    I like how you explained how to post a comment. I tend to overlook explaining things like that sometimes, but it is a great idea.


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