Why the “Really Rotten Mood”?

Here I am, a legally blind chick, working on a book about how limitations, real or perceived, hold us back.  It’s a book with tools I’m developing to help you create a life of your dreams.  All is good, right?  Then I go and open a blog called “Really Rotten Mood.”  Doesn’t make sense does it?

Makes sense to me and I’ll tell you why. 

Tool #1 

Pitch-a-fit and laugh – with others. 

Lets say, as you see things, life for the most part has kicked you in the teeth and you’re bitter, sick and tired.  You are also probably feeling alone in your crap. Actually, if you’ve been seething about something for more than a few hours, you’re also likely alone in your crap.

Alone in your crap leaves no room for living your dreams.  “But for me, my dreams are unattainable, so bite me,” you say.  Throw it down, sister/brother I can take it. 

I can almost promise you that nothing is going to happen if you just sit in your own shit and do nothing.  Even if you’re “trying really hard” every day, you still are so not there.  I’m NOT asking you to get positive. OH NO.  I want you to bitch a bit. Bitch until something new comes out of you.  Since I’m saying crap a lot here, I’ll say you’re “directionally constipated” right now.  A good bitch and laugh could just be the kind of enema you need.

So there’s three parts to this first tool.

1) Pitch-a-fit (preferably in writing)

2) Let others read it.

3) Find a bit of humor.  My method to stimulate a little  laughter is with my “anti-affirmations”. 

If you are ready to pitch-a-fit or simply serve the world by bearing witness to others fits, visit Really Rotten Mood

The deal there is, if you publicly bitch, I will write you your very own anti-affirmation. 

Later, after I’ve amassed some posts on RRM, I’ll bring some over here to Why Not Rachel so we can start to talk about Tool #2.


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