Blog Jockey

advertisment-awa-radiolette-1-070607.jpg  I enjoy blogging. Often when I don’t post it’s because I’ve got no natural “blog-jockey” in me. I don’t segue well.  Great radio jockeys, for example, are masters of the segue.  To illustrate what I’m talking about, let me tell you about a radio program out of Australia that I dig, called DIG. What’s cool about DIG is it seamlessly moves from the blues, to rock, to hip-hop, to R&B then off into a country thing before playing old time crooners.  I don’t even know that the road’s been turning.  DIG takes me from one genre to the next without my ever noticing. 
I, on the other hand go from made-up New Years letters to Jewish death rituals.  It’s a bit jarring.  I had expected this blog to be ALL about the book and it’s just not.  It’s some about the book and some about whatever else.  That’s to say, it’s got seams.  It does not have smooth transitions between posts.  My blog, it would appear, has posts stitched together by hand…by a blind chick! 


2 responses to “Blog Jockey

  1. OK, this is Matthew writing from Marks computer. Lets just say that I dig it ,too. Find the segue, Rachie, and you will find the truth.
    And then you will be set free. Because freedom is the American way. And Americans like to write. And I am writing on this blog to you.

  2. Ok, this is Rachel writing from your computer, and I don’t think I like the sound of your typing right now. You know, I have the power to edit or delete your comment and I just might exercise the privilege.

    I know you have a beef with this post, it’s not nearly as vacuous as you make it out to be, so hush yourself.

    I would love to go on about this with you but Frontline is on PBS right now. The program airing might very well be the most comprehensive examination of the Iraq war to date. So good day.

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