Welcome Barbara Sher Bulletin Board Readers

To all of you who have come to my blog from Barbara Sher’s Bulletin Boards, I welcome you.  This will be a great place for you keep up with news about my book and topics for the teleconferences.

Up until this point I’ve been enjoying getting the hang of blogging, so I’ve been writing about all kinds of things.

It’s time to focus (some) now however.  So lets get on with talking about the Cape-Able Life…


4 responses to “Welcome Barbara Sher Bulletin Board Readers

  1. Hey Rach, finally got around to adding your site to my blog roll, sorry for the delay. What is a Cape-Able life? You should write about that in a post, for those of us who have never heard that term.

  2. What’s a Cape-Able Life? Glad you asked Anne, my fingers are on the keyboard right now working to answer that question.

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