Season Envy

It is winter here in Florida. The azaleas are in bloom. The air is sweetened by the dazzling and lovely orange blossoms.  The sun is shining.  I get the morning paper in a sun dress.  I love Florida for these reasons. However, I still miss the four seasons I grew-up with in Michigan.  The poem below was written to try and express my nostalgic feelings.




Shelving Snowfalls


Carrying pine knots and

Petoskey stones

red maple leaves

and skies lit till ten o’clock

I forgo seasons

replaced by

fire ants

and swollen air


I unpack black crows

and shelve snowfalls

and frost bitten pinky toes

Cider Mills with

Indian Summer honeybees

lolling in apple trees drunk

on warm doughnut-candied air.

I miss the trumpet songs from daffodils

rewarding thaws

with the songs of spring.


4 responses to “Season Envy

  1. I got your winter snowfalls right here….and wow, does it suck.

    Come on up.


  2. anne: loosen up. Spring is just around the corner. It was really nice in Michigan yesterday (several times). Rachie, it is a beautiful piece.
    Love, Dad

  3. Father, you best watch your back.
    When Anne digs herself out of that snow drift she’s currently burried under, she’s not going to have much of a sence of humor.

  4. Like Chuck said, Rachel, it’s a beautiful piece. If I didn’t live up here, I would also miss the way snow muffles noise and reflects light in the city, and the sounds of the spring thaw. Like Anne said, come on up!

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