Emaciating Grace


“Emaciating Grace”

14.5″ x 11.5″ x 3.5″

Making art for me is like writing a story out of images and objects.  My piece “Emaciating Grace” is a good example of this visual story telling.

Words add even more dimension for me, so here’s what I’ve written to go along with this piece.

 “Grace is a name for a girl. It’s also a thought that can change the world.”

–U2, Grace


Grace starves when all that feeds it/her is a language of fear. In this piece, spoons — implements for transporting nutrients, carry only words of danger and death. Arranging the spoons in the shape of a ribcage acts to reinforce the idea that these words do not sustain life but in fact starve it. The solders surrounding the piece suggest a fence erected to restrain grace.

(you can see the image larger by clicking on it and zoom it by clicking the bottom right corner of the enlargement)


One response to “Emaciating Grace

  1. This is one of my favorite pieces of yours. (except the one I purchased, of course)
    Heres what I like about it-
    a) you are making something that doesnt’ fit the typical ideal of “Pretty” art and thats refreshing , thought provoking and inspirational.
    b)that your putting something out into the world that makes a definate statement, not wishy washy shallow /feel good stuff.(depth is good)
    c) your use of the materials… transparent and opaque layers, found object etc. all make a visually taisty treat. (taisty and deep)
    And thats all I have to say ! Keep up all the great work!

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