The Dialectizer

Okay, I wasn’t sure what to write today and then I was reminded of this online dialect translator.  I will send this text through the “redneck” translator. Let’s hear what comes of these words if we toss them under the big tires of the truck driving, beer drinking, deer hunting folks of our great nation.

The above text “Dialectized”  into redneck:

Okay, ah warn’t sho’nuff whut t’write today an’ THEN ah was reminded of this hyar dialeck translato’. ah will send this hyar text through th’ “redneck” translato’. Less hear whut come of these wo’ds eff’n we tost them unner th’ trimenjus tires of th’ truck drivin’, beer six packin’, deer huntin’ folks of our great nashun. Am ah sterotypin’?

I’ve invited a redneck to examine this text for authenticity…Nick?  I must add that I’m a little uncomfortable with this post.  I submit it because our friend Nick is sufferin’ in KY right now and could use a diversion from the grey, grey skies and the cold, damp days.


One response to “The Dialectizer

  1. Rachel – Not bad for Michigan Yankee transplant to Central Florida. As a native born Kentuckian who has traveled to all 50 states, I feel quite comfortable in my redneck skin and am quite proud. I have seen all types and we Southern Rednecks beat them all. I must note that Rachel can not take full credit for her ability to dialectize as she is the daughter in law of a full fledged Kentucky born Redneck from way back. Her husband surely learned her well too as he is bi-lingual in Redneck.

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