A Little Salt on your Radio

While I’m on the topic of radio, I have got to mention Anne, who’s at Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, in Portland, Maine right now. 
The following is lifted right from the Salt website:

Our Purpose

To teach responsible storytelling.

Our Approach

Intense. Experiential. Collaborative.

Our Focus

People. Their Stories. And telling them well.

Our Students

Are driven, passionate individuals who seek to immerse themselves in the documentary process. They struggle to find their own voice, to sit comfortably with discomfort, and to ask hard questions not only of their subjects, but also of themselves.

Our Program

Graduate and undergraduate students attend the Salt Institute to study documentary radio, writing, or photography. The program entails fifteen weeks of intensive, extensive field research coupled with workshops and seminars. Throughout the semester, students gather cultural materials and develop their craft in order to create documentaries of professional caliber. While the immediate focus and location is Maine, approaches and skills learned at the Salt Institute travel well to any regional study or to comparative studies.

 Doesn’t Salt sound cool!
I encourage you to check out Anne’s blog called Radio Free Anne.  She writes in a smart, quippy voice, about her experances at Salt and her budding love affair with the great state of Maine.  My classmates will enjoy her February 20th post “my piece”, where she talks about finding her story.   On her blog you can also listen to a couple of her radio pieces recorded before she went to Maine. 

One response to “A Little Salt on your Radio

  1. Salt is very cool. I highly recommend it.

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