A Public Service Announcement

It’s the weekend and my favorite Public Radio listening days.  Thanks to the Internet,  I stream programs from all over the globe.  Despite what my beloved seems to think, Public Radio isn’t just for people who were tormented on the playground as children.  I trust there are many dim-witted,  jock-types who are listening to PRI and drinking from pledge-drive coffee mugs as I speak.  This is all beside the point though,  it’s Saturday and the streaming is easy.

Start here at PublicRadioFan.com.  On the weekends, I go to the “non-music only” area of the site to find what stations are presently airing my favorite shows.  I click on the media player icon of my choice and enjoy.  Right now I have on “This American Life” .  Today’s show is about testosterone.

Here are a few of my other favorite weekend programs:

A Way With Words: A romp through the English language

Says You: “A Game of Words and Whimsy, Bluff and Bluster”.

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me: “An Oddly Informative News Quiz”.

Weekend America: “A place where curious, lively hosts spark conversations, share unexpected stories and connect listeners with the most compelling ideas and events of America this weekend”.

Studio 360:  Ellen Page, from Indie hit Juno is being interviewed. As is Jimmy Carter from the Blind Boys of Alabama.

Also, To The Best of Our Knowledge, Selective Shorts, Living On Earth to name just a few.

No one’s going to shove you into your locker or dump you head first into a trash can for listening to great radio. So go forward and listen!

Do you have Public Radio shows you love listening to?


9 responses to “A Public Service Announcement

  1. 1. how come the asian photo for your lead?
    2. I love what I am reading. Perhaps your should consider a career as an author? (No, I am not prejudice…but I am your dad) Is it legal to say “Love” and “keep it up?”

  2. You can say anything you want dad…(I have the power to edit!)

  3. I love Fresh Air w/Terry Gross, and also Car Talk.

  4. What have you done with my daughter? This person seems to enjoy POWER!

  5. I like Terry Gross too Anne, she’s a great interviewer. I also like this newish program on weekdays called The Story hosted by Dick Gorden, I think it’s produced in Chapel Hill, NC!

    And Chucky, where have you been? I’m the second born, I’ve waited my whole life for this chance to have “power”!

  6. Ah, Public Radio. I really can’t tolerate anything else. I believe it was you, Rachel, who got me listening. Now that I’ve discovered free public radio podcasts, I can listen to whatever I want whenever I want and sometimes I forget to listen to live radio. I am a huge fan CBC’s Vinyl Cafe, and I also subscribe to NPR’s Car Talk, This American Life, Selected Shorts, NPR’s Story Corps, NPR’s most-emailed stories of the day, and CBC’s New Music Canada Track of the Day. A couple shows you mention sound interesting, Rachel, so maybe I’ll add them to my list. Hi to Chuck!

  7. Rachel,
    Thanks for the websites for NPR. I need to bookmark some of them for easy access.


  8. Hi Em! I look forward to checking out some of the public radio out of Canada. That CBC’s Vinyl Cafe sounds intriguing. Chucky says hello to you!

  9. Love Studio 360. They changed the timeframe on XM which was a bummer. But, NPR rocks. National Public ROCKS!

    And, P.S., so do you Rachel!

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