What Are You Uncomfortable Doing?

For me, it’s singing.  I love music. I think singer/songwriters are some of the most creative people ever.  But when I’m in a group singing “happy birthday to you”, I’m most likely mouthing the words. 
I had been seeing Matthew for over 3 years before I ever let him hear me sing.  It was a planned event on my part.  We were in the van, on the way to an art show.  I put in an Indigo Girls CD and let out my first tentative notes.  He DARED to turn down the music. “Noooooooo….I need them.”  It’s taken a while, but I  sing around him now.  I can laugh “with” him at my tone deaf, but enthusiastic attempts at accompaniment.
I’m bringing this up, because of a conversation we had at the studio yesterday.  Stevie, I learned does not like to dance.  It’s not that he will not do it, it’s just that he finds it hard to not be self-conscious and because of it, he doesn’t enjoy it.  Plus he says “I’m very bad.  Not bad as in good but bad as in awful.” 

Donne I find out, would rather get a root canal than do any kind of public speaking (and yet, I know for a fact, when forced to talk she’s amazingly funny, and a crowd pleaser). 

Not surprisingly, Stevie and I both had experiences at an impresionable ages that cemented our discomforts into place. 

For me it was elementary school chorus.  I tried out, and was told I wasn’t good enough.  I practiced and tried out the following year.  On the second attempt, I was not only told that I wasn’t good enough, but also asked to just mouth the words in class.  If that wasn’t bad enough already, she did this infront of little Ricky Taylor, the boy I had a huge crush on.  And Wendy Marks, the biggest bully of the whole 4th grade.  Oooo…If I only had backbone then, I would have belted out a song at the top of my lungs in that mean woman’s music class.  

I’m curious, what do you find uncomfortable doing?  Is there a story as to why?  Have you gotten over it? Do you still wish you could get over it, or are things fine just the way they are?


One response to “What Are You Uncomfortable Doing?

  1. Im extremely uncomfortable going to a place I’ve never been to before…. ALONE.
    The bigger and more far away the place is, the worse the fear. I have always remedied this by only going to unfamiliar places with a friend. But cant always drag someone with me…. So yes, this fear gets in the way.
    Jeff, my husband, travels for a living. He is always going to interesting places and invites me to come along. Problem is he is working on these trips, if I want to do any site seeing Im on my own.
    Needless to say I’ve missed out on seeing a lot of cool places… its quite pathetic.

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