A Ramble On the Writing…

 …You’re encouraged to hold my feet to the fire if I start saying otherwise…”I’m writing a book and traveling all over the world to talk about it”. My mentor in this adventure is New York Times Bestselling author Barbara Sher. I am one lucky girl! And you’re lucky too, because she’s bound to keep me on task and whip me into shape if I dare falter. So I’m likely to create something readable, helpful and pretty good.

I don’t know the full shape of the book yet, but I know a few things to start. I know that the mind is pliable. Something I think is indisputable today, often proves to be remarkably wrong tomorrow. This is great news as far as I’m concerned. Today, for example, I think I’m fat.

It’s seems to me that it’s good to have a mind like cookie dough, because we change. If we have a head for rethinking things, we’re more likely to be able to do well in the face of these changes.

(Note: I am NOT talking positive thinking here….Oh no. Never underestimate the power of pitching a fit! I am talking about a willingness to see wide.  To learn to become aware of a landscape never taken in before.)

My book as it takes shape will likely do some changing as well. I welcome your feedback. Ask me questions, tell me stories (I love stories) and be a part of the living language that will be this book.

A post script here:  I know I’m not telling you “what” the book is about yet.  Chill, I will. I promise.


2 responses to “A Ramble On the Writing…

  1. Rachel,
    I can hardly wait to see your book evolve. I still love your Blockhead!


  2. Also, nice format for your Blog.

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