My Blockhead

I’m a visual artist (as well as a budding author).  In this piece, I showcase my husband Matthew.



23″ x 18″ x 3″


6 responses to “My Blockhead

  1. Great start! Welcome to the world of bloggin’.

  2. Blockhead! Ha! I hear ya sister!

  3. so glad you have a blog!! I will add you to my links!!!

  4. Your Blockhead is one cool guy, and the piece is terrific. More! More!

    And I love the Snapshots popups, Rachel.

  5. Thank you Patty, my writing and computer guru friend!

  6. Blockhead is nice. I think you should do a series. I have some ideas. Consider Cue Ball. And Gorilla Ears. And Honker.

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