The Lure of the Blog

I’ve decided to create a personal blog.  Here I can talk about the weather, bad hair days and other mundane and mind numbingly trivial things.  I can, and will, take full advantage of this platform to brag about my friends, family and even pat my own sassy self on the back now and again.

I will piss and moan, and write things without substance or merit.  Sometimes I will not even use the spell check.  Oh joy, let the drivel begin.


3 responses to “The Lure of the Blog

  1. I will join in with the pissing and moaning soon. It’s early and the part of my brain that registers complaints hasn’t got going yet. More coffee for you my friend. I’m proud of you Rachel with your new direction. And its good to see you at the studio. And here’s to not using spel check.
    (clank, oops I need to get a towel)

  2. Well, well, well. We are practically twins. Thank heavens our mother isn’t insisting we dress our blogs alike–although they were born so close together. I’ll fondly remember walking in Central Park with you, pushing empty perambulators, our huge bellies almost as wide as we were high.

    Oh, wait. That was LAST life time. This one, it’s just blogs. Can you squeeze yours into that darned baby carriage?

    Congratulations. If I knew how to make computer-stroke daisies, I’d send you a dozen!


  3. Love the look and opening blips on your blog!
    Keep me posted!

    Ciao for now.

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